September: Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

My thyroid was removed in June 2019 due to anatomical obstructions including voice changes, raw cough, my voice going away when I laid down and swallowing. For the untrained eye you could not see the enlargement protruding through my neck but one angel did and convinced me to have a new sonar done.

It was only after my surgery that we found out the nodules were naughty little cancer incubators. I was lucky – it didn’t spread outside the thyroid gland.

I was told taking thyroid meds are easy – just have it an hour before food and you will be fine. Those who know me knows that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having normal blood results while puffy, crying and at one stage pure crazy didn’t help. Your thyroid levels have to be optimal – and that takes a team effort and time.

The thyroid being part of the endocrine system play a number of key roles in your body (more on that in future blogs) and you simply can’t function without it.

This September I want to put extra awareness into early Thyroid Cancer detection and I will share my full story soon– as raw and at times as ugly as it really was/is/going to be for life. But there is an overwhelming gratitude that comes with my story. The special people sent my way that I get to share my life with, the family and friends that I won’t trade for anything on earth. I am blessed to get to tell my story, share the trials and tribulations so that no one feeling this way ever feels like the only one and celebrate the good days, every smile, every time not giving up.

Have you dealt with Thyroid Cancer? If so, would love to hear your story and journey

<3 Anzia

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