All About Anolyte - Hypochlorous Acid

What Is Anolyte?

Hypochlorous acid–never heard of it? Majority of people haven't, despite the fact that it’s in your body.

It’s there right now, fighting frontline against infection, viruses and bacteria as part of your immune system. It’s the substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy by getting rid of all the nasties. ​ Hypochlorous acid is highly bactericidal & viricidal by mimicking the chemistry of the human body’s natural defence system. It's safe to use in all environments leaving no chemical residue.


More Than Just Sanitizing

The antimicrobial effects of Anolyte aid in the fight against chronic skin conditions, acne and skin infections.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory, soothing, reduces pain and redness, repairs damaged skin, and speeds up skin regeneration.

  • Use it as a pH balancing toner after face wash.

  • Use it during the day as a refreshing mist and sanitize your mask ensuring the surface contact is bacteria free.

  • Use it on chronic itchy skin conditions such as hives & eczema for skin relief.

  • Use it as an after sun treatment on all sunburned skin.

  • Use as a calming spray for nappy rash and an easy way to sterilize that pacifier.

There are world-wide applications for Anolyte such as:

  • Produce Processing

  • Food Processing

  • Food Contact Processing

  • Biofilm Control

  • Beverage Processing

  • Livestock Health

  • Agriculture

  • Water Treatment

  • Medical Treatment

  • Aesthetic Treatment

  • Dental Treatment

  • Hospital Sanitation


A Green Solution Makes Use Of Anolyte In The Skin Series And Surface Series Product Ranges

Anolyte Skin Series

Our Skin Series is an alcohol-free sanitizer that kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact. This fast-acting sanitizer is non-toxic to humans and animals yet potent to eradicate the harmful bacteria & viruses.

Skin Series Anolyte is also anti-inflammatory & aids in reducing topical pain and itching while restoring the

delicate pH of the skin. Produced naturally by our white blood cells in the fight against pathogens entering the body, it’s proven to be safe on young, old and our furry friends at home. Skin Series Anolyte is highly effective as a fast-acting sanitizer and disinfectant as well as the removal of biofilm. Skin Series Anolyte can be used directly onto the skin as a 100ppm strength.

Anolyte Surface Series

Our Surface Series is used as a disinfectant and sanitizer. It can be used as a no rinse sanitizer on all contact surfaces with high volume touch and food contact surfaces in restaurants, produce processing and food processing plants.

Simply spray on the surfaces and allow to airdry.

It is commonly used as a disinfectant on surfaces, and in foggers and misting tunnels in retail shops, hospitality, office buildings, schools, hospitals, health care facilities, butcheries and public places.

Depending on the desired strength, it can be used neat or diluted with water 1:5, sprayed/fogged on the area and allow 5 minutes contact time.


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